Back Soon

We're back 17th May!

We know you have been waiting patiently for news and we are delighted to announce that we can finally welcome you all back on Monday 17th May with our first release of tickets going on sale Wednesday 5th May.

Whilst closed we have made improvements to the outside seating area to provide a greatly enhanced experience and have great new food and drink options!

We will be staffing the Cinema on a daily basis from the 5th May and can deal with any telephone enquiries from that time, if you have any questions prior to that then please email us at

Gift Voucher and Membership length can be adjusted to take account of any closure periods.

We want to thank all our amazing customers and staff for their continued support through this difficult period and we are excited to see everyone back enjoying our Ilkley’s own premium Cinema experience!

Cinema Safety

Ilkley Cinema

We want to assure you that the safety and well-being of our customers and our staff is our top priority. Here is a rundown of our efforts to keep you safe when you return to your Cinema:

Seating & Social Distancing

Customers are encouraged to maintain a 1m+ distance (between booking groups) within the cinema which includes the café bar, lounge and auditorium. Our seat booking system will automatically provide a 1m+ distance between any household booking group in each auditorium.


We have doubled our cleaning efforts. Our bathrooms will be stocked with our usual soaps and we’ll have sanitiser available on entry so please do keep on washing those hands.

Food & Drink

We are introducing table service in the café bar and lounge and will also continue to bring your orders to your auditorium seat to avoid unnecessary queuing. We also encourage pre-ordering food and drink online via our website.

Face Masks

Face Masks are not required in our café bar, lounge or in either auditorium if customers are eating or drinking.


We encourage booking tickets online via our website We encourage booking tickets online via our website queuing.

Cashless Payments

We are strongly encouraging contactless payments to keep contact to a minimum.


Thank you for keeping your cinema safe for all!

Ilkley Cinema